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I am married and have 3 daughters who run my world. I am a people person and love meeting new people and making new relationships.  I like to see people succeed and take joy in assisting with their success. I enjoy traveling the world and making new experiences. I like to be active in my community and have served on several non profits. In my free time, if I am not at tumbling meets for my daughters, you will find me at the beach.


At the age of 19, I moved to Chile for 2 years.  When I returned at the age of 21, I started a career in sales and found that sales and I were a great fit.  I decided to come work with Applause because of the vision that we bring.  Being able to help thousands of families financially, while creating a better world for all of us, is what I want to be remembered for. Had my family been given the opportunity to utilize a tool such as Applause, our lives and quality of life would have drastically improved and alleviated many of the stresses that we had.

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