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FAQs for Managers:

What does my customer see when the text goes out? 

When your customer receives the text they will see a message similar to the following:

When they click on the included link they will be taken to a webapp that will will similar to the following:

The user experience is very similar to a gig app experience. There is nothing to download and the interface is not only extremely user friendly but it is branded to your company.

What is the difference between internal ratings and Google Reviews?

​When the customer fills out the star ratings within the link, that is considered an "internal" rating, which means that only the service worker (they will receive a text message) and admins (seen in the admin dashboard) of the company will see. If the customer leaves a 4-star or higher they will be prompted to fill out a Google review. As of right now they are mutually exclusive in the request. Internal ratings are gathered when a consumer selects a 1-5 star rating in the Applause web app (Found Here). These ratings are visible to the company (in the Applause Dashboard) and to the employee (receives a text message) who serviced the consumer. Google reviews are reviews found on a business listing on Google and are visible for the public to see. Applause allows consumers to go directly from the app to Google in order to post this type of reviews.

Is there a place that my employees can see their tips and ratings?

​Yes, employees can download and use the Applause App in the App Store or Google Play Store in order to see their tip balance, view their ratings, and transfer funds to their bank account. 

Why can't I see my employees in the mobile app?

​At this time th mobile app is only for service workers who are receiving tips. Managers logging in to this app will not see any employee information. To see data on overall and individual employee performance, managers must log into the dashboard via a web browser. If you are unable to log in to the dashboard please contact your administrator for assistance. 

Is there a place where managers can see the tips and ratings for all employees in one place?

​Yes, as a manager you have access to the dashboard which will show you all the data in aggregate or at the individual employee level. You can see ratings, tips, customer comments, etc. all in one easy to access location. If you have not received access yet please contact your administrator. 

FAQs for Service Workers:

How do I cash out my tips?

​Cashing out your tips with Applause is fast and easy! Simply download the Applause mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, login, setup your bank account, and click transfer. 

I tried logging into the Applause App for the first time, but it isn't working. What's wrong?

If this is your first time logging in the most likely problem is that the email address is not correct. Please Contact Support and Applause can update the email address on file. 

I haven’t seen the tips come into my bank account yet. How do I make sure that I get those funds? 

​Verify that you have successfully logged in to the Applause App, setup your bank account information, and submitted a transfer. If you have completed those steps please allow 3-5 business days for the transfer to complete. If after 3-5 business days your bank still has no record of the incoming transfer please Contact Support

When do I get paid? How often do I get paid? 

​With Applause your funds are available to transfer anytime you would like. Simply download the Applause App, login, setup your bank account information, and click transfer any time you would like. 

How can I see how much money in tips I have received?

​You can check your current balance of tips as well as lifetime totals in the Applause App. Simply download the app, log in, and your balance will be right there for you to see. 

Answers to commonly asked questions. 
If you do not find what you are looking for contact Applause and let us know how we can help. 

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